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What are Calf Sleeves?

Calf Sleeves are a compression garment designed for athletes to increase oxygen and blood flow in their legs. Calf Sleeves allows athletes to train harder by increasing muscle recovery. Calf Sleeves fit from the lower part of the shin to the right below the knee. This allows calf sleeves to give free range motion.

How do Calf Sleeves work?

Calf Sleeves use graduated compression. The greatest amount of compression is at the bottom of the calf sleeves,, and as one progresses up the calf sleeves, the compression decreases.

Why do I need Calf Sleeves?

Muscles recovery depends on many things, but most importantly receiving enough oxygen and have proper blood flow. Calf Sleeves help to increase blood and oxygen flow, meaning faster recovery. Calf Sleeves also flush the lactic acid that can build up in the muscle from the progressive activity. By compressing the veins it promotes better circulation.

How Much Do Calf Sleeves Cost?

Some manufactures of calf sleeves charge upwards of $60. We have found better quality for less money with Zensah Compression Apparel. A pair of their calf sleeves only cost $40.

Where should I start my search for Calf Sleeves?

We recommend starting your search for Calf Sleeves at They were the first company to come out with calf sleeves and are leaders within the industry.

Calf Sleeves - How They Work

Developed to provide optimal amount of compression for runners, triathletes, cyclists, and other athletes, calf sleeves increase oxygen blood flow to energize your legs pre-workout, enhance athletic performance during workouts, and aid in recovery post-workout.